Nom's Local Finds: Goodness Exists in Yanesen

About a week before the disaster hit Japan on 3.11.2011, I was able to visit one of the few remaining historical neighborhoods that still embodies the nostalgic charm of old school Tokyo.  An area known as Yanesen, which includes the 3 districts Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi.  An interesting meshing of where old meets new adds to the unique ambiance of the town. 

Awesome graffiti art found on the wall of a rundown building. The mouse is carrying a LV furoshiki! A STELLAR PIECE! 

Adorable elephant plastic watering cans 
found at a neighborhood mom & pop store.

Writings on the wall...such a positive message.
Our prayers go out to those greatly affected by the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, to those struggling to survive, and the rescue support teams from all over the world sacrificing their own safety to support and  save Japan.  You are  an inspiration.  -tears- trying not to be so cheesy here, but this is a very emotional  topic for me.  Arigato ...from the bottom of my heart. -Nom

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