Our Story

Hawaii.  Reunited five years after graduating Parsons School of Design.  Room 3001. We sat chatting and catching up over iced Kona coffee.

We decided to meet one another half-way, Rie Sawai from Tokyo and Kimberly Andrade from Portland. Personal searches for something to call our own and for something to inspire others, had us booking our flights right away. It was time for two travelers and friends to cross paths again.

In a single word, we knew Rie was 'nomadic' and Kimberly was 'adaptable'. It came to us as if in a pre-conceived dream. 
Nomadic and adaptable... NOM&ADA.

NOM&ADA is a journey on paths yet to be discovered, awakened by nostalgic moments that linger within us. 

We offer quality footwear within the realm of capturing nostalgic means in our lives. We stand for timeless design. In appreciation for experiences had, we remember the past. Through our passion for travel, we search for the new. Both are the integral sources of inspiration that we bring to the NOM&ADA family. Our lighthearted, yet sustainable-inspired approaches are extensions of the diverse lifestyle we're a part of.

Spring/Summer 2011 debuts our exclusive Holoholo 
moccasin (handcrafted in Japan), 
available at www.nomandada.com

photo by eric rose