DIY Yoga Mat Bag

Furoshiki, dating back to AD 710 to 794is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to wrap objects. It was first used to bundle clothes at public baths. Then it became a means for merchants to transport goods and decorate gifts. Not only is it a creative and thoughtful way to present something, it is rather eco-friendly. What's so stellar is it only takes a singular piece of any fabric to transform something into simply amazing...and functional!

In need of a yoga mat bag, up-cycling a thrifted skirt with a great print (and an irreparable hole) came to the rescue...took the elastic out of the waistband and cut a side seam open! Be creative! Any fabric large enough will do!

Place rolled yoga mat at a diagonal and fold in shorter corner ends of fabric.

Fold over and cross remaining opposite ends.

Flip yoga mat over to the other side so that the crossed ends you just made are now facing down to hold it in place.

Knot each long end as close to mat at possible. 

Tie the tips of each end together to form the handle of the bag.

Throw on your shoulder and go! 

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