Friday Muse: On-The-Go

photo courtesy of Guys In White Tees

The basic tee compliments the look of 'too much to do, so little time'. But you wouldn't want to leave the house looking as if you're still lounging on the couch. You feel good if you look good one has to admit. And sometimes it takes more than a coffee to keep you going. So keep it simple. The white tshirt is something that will live on forever it seems. Leave your sweatshirt at home and throw on a refined jacket to spiff up a bit. Leave your sweatpants at home and pair with comfy yet stylish denim instead. Bed hair can be tamed with a turban headband rather than your beau's baseball cap. Accessorize with a pendant watch for a 2-in-1 statement piece. And a tote is Errand's best friend.

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