NOM&ADA's Five Daily Essentials.

With the Essentials tag going around, we wanted to jump in and share ours...

1. MacBook
2. Moleskin notebook
3. Fresh cup of joe to start the day aka...coffee
4. L'Occitane: Ultra Moisturizing Fluid SPF 20 aka...sun care
5. Eyebrow pencil. No specific brand, but this one is by Shiseido (only 200 Yen ^_^).


1. Comme des Garcons small pouch for wallet. 
2. Water bottle. Preferably small like this re-used Martinelli's bottle.
3. iPhone
4. Hand cream. Kinda obsessed lately. Anything by Weleda
5. Keys (house key, bike lock, gym pass and ear plugs)

* Tag time! If they don't mind we're curious to see Victoria'sMarie's, Amy'sJenn's and Maya's Top Five Daily Essentials! Once you've been tagged, pass it on! xo


  1. thanks for tagging me- i've been wanting to do this, too! i'll do a post very soon.

  2. sure thing! looking forward to your post! best wishes ~