Cycle style.

Whether you're in your own city or visiting a new one, biking around town during the fall season is...well, there's nothing like it. Crisp air, layered clothing, off to work or to catch up with friends, sight-seeing, warming up afterwards with a cup of joe... Ah... ADA is so freakin' happy how bike-friendly Portland is. All we have to do now is get NOM to dust the cobwebs off her bike. ;)

Love big bike baskets to fill up after a trip to the local farmers market!

How do you carry your laptop?

Stylish & safe way to keep warm on the road, a cape with reflective stripes!

(Images via CycleStyle)

Commuting on two wheels is healthy, good for the environment, and a cheap alternative to fueling up your car or buying a train ticket every day. Thank goodness for google maps!

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