I, NOM, would like to represent NOM&ADA and take a moment to share this amazing organization in Japan that I have come across in the past month after the 3.11.2011 horrifying Japan earthquake, tsunami, and the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident.  Countless lives were lost and an unimaginable number of people are still missing and living in shelters.  Here are some powerful and heartbreaking images from The New York Times.

Being a resident of Japan, I have had access to certain updates that foreign media might have not covered in the last month.  This amazing volunteer organization called UKC JAPAN may be one of those few groups doing amazing things to help, but have not received as much publicity to get sufficient funds or the support.  As you can see from their blog ( the link connected above ) they have been involved in the Japan relief efforts by rescuing ANIMALS greatly affected by the natural disaster in combination with the evacuated areas  near the Fukushima nuclear power plants.

Like humans, many animals/pets were affected and have lost their homes and families.  Like humans, they have gone through traumatizing experiences.  While many relief acts and funds were being sent to support the people, not as much attention was given to care for animal lives.  UKC JAPAN has truly stepped up. They are one of the few organizations focusing strictly on relief efforts in saving lives of forcefully abandoned animals ( majority of them dogs and cats ) and sheltering them in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.  Most of these animals were found in the irradiated areas of Fukushima, where a majority of the owners were forced to evacuate not knowing that they wouldn't be able to return for days and months.  The pets were rescued while roaming around looking for their owners, in search of food and water, and simply trying to survive. Some of the other animals sheltered are those brought in by others or requested to be saved by the owners, for most designated shelters and temporary homes provided by the government do not allow pets.  Please check out these clips from several Japanese TV networks.   

Since 3.11.2011, they have rescued over 150 pets, sheltering them, finding new and temporary homes for those animals awaiting the return of their owners.  

Kanagawa Prefecture, where the animals are sheltered, is about an hour or two away from Tokyo.  When I found out about this organization I immediately wanted to go volunteer and help these animals in need.  I'm sure ADA would've been right there with me, if she was here. ^_^ My dear friend miss "A" and I have gone down to Glory Tazs (name of the shelter) several times to take them out for walks, clean the cages, feed them, organize donated goods, give them love and affection, and anything else they needed help with. 

Donated food, towels, and toilet sheets.

Shelters with proper ventilation, handmade by staff and volunteers.  

I will continue to go volunteer and personally donate as much as I can.  As part of Japan Earthquake Relief, NOM&ADA has decided to donate the proceeds of our totes to this amazing organization, UKC JAPAN.  

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