Friday Muse: Asphalt Angel

A quarter of a century ago Elspeth Beard rode around the world on a used 1974 R 60/6 flat-twin that had 30,000 miles on it before the trip began. The twenty-four year old Elspeth began her journey in New York. She had several accidents, her things were stolen, and she got hepatitis and dysentery before her trip ended in London three years later . She lost 53 lbs on the trip and added 48,000 miles to her R60’s odometer. The bike is remarkably still in running order.  Ms Beard is one of a very small number of women to have circled the globe on a motorcycle and was the first British woman to do so. (via)

Juxtapose a strong statement piece like an architectural two piece in black with soft white silhouettes. A neutral accessory compliments the two. Dreaming for the perfect white motorcycle jacket. And then hopping on this.

Spirit means divine radiance. Radiance includes understanding, honesty, responsibility and a valiant character.

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