Nom's Local Finds: Slish by chie

One day, I saw my mother, who was 90 years old at the time, in the kitchen preparing vegetables using a traditional steamer.  I noticed that the steamer was oversized for small portions of food, and that transfer from stovetop to table was inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous. I thought to myself. what if the steaming holes were in the plate itself?  And the Slish steamer plate was born. 
Steaming is a simple, healthy and speedy method of cooking that helps drain excess fat and retain the flavors and nutrients of fresh ingredients.  The Slish steamer plate has 51 holes connected by canals, that act as water- and airways to maximize efficient and healthy cooking. And, the Slish goes from kitchen to table directly ---no need for exra serving dishes!   -Chie

Handcrafted with love in Japan too.

So versatile for the kitchen! 3 ways to cook with it. Use the strainer to wash produce. The lid can be a salad bowl. Would make a great gift too! J'adore mine!!!!!!


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