Romancing the unknown.

Awoke the other day to a foggy haze shrouded over the city. Yes, eerie and dreary does come to mind. But there is something so beautiful about it, the fog I mean. I've always found it comforting. Up until I was about 10 yrs old, the fam lived in a civil war era stone home on 3 acres. It was almost a farm. We had ponies, a vegetable garden, chickens and a rooster, and even ghosts (oh...so that's why I love me some scary movies!). There was an endless cornfield behind our property and I remember that field so clearly...on those foggy days when mist arose from the warm soil, as if sighing.
Fog can convey mystery... knowing that something is out there, but you can't quite grasp a visual of it...Dangerous? Scary? The unknown certainly f'n is! But it's good to feel alive! So go forward despite the haziness. It's a journey to be had.

Came across this image the very same day.(Vogue Türkiye Nov 2010
The coincidence speaks to NOM&ADA.

Feeling blissfully moody if you couldn't tell.ADA

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