Living in the fast lane.

Last year, as we drove around the lovely island of Hawaii, Beautiful was playing often on blast...

It's been a little over a year now since NOM & ADA came together. We've gone through all the growing pains that are bound to come our way as entrepreneurs. We've learned so much and are striving at wearing the many 'hats' of our job. No longer are we just designers. We are design, production, marketing, finances, sales, website builder, student, stylist, creative and business director. Just the two of us. It's been a challenge in every sense of the word. Nothing ever comes out right the first time. But we keep going, trusting in ourselves and in one another.
Things are coming down to the wire as our goal is to officially launch in spring 2011. We are in preparation to sell and then production.
If you would like to help support our ventures, along with two good causes, feel free to visit the N/A shop (a side project) for some cool totes. We believe that in order to better the world, we need to not only treat one another right but the earth as well. 
Shop with quality in mind. Not quantity. Take care of the things you have. Don't be wasteful. Re-use. Give more. Cherish gifts. 

To all those pursuing your dreams, never give up. Even when it feels impossible. Even when if feels like everything is failing you. Or you feel stuck, unsure, uncertain.The key is to try. And if you fail. That's okay. The success is in the learning and in the getting there. May you have the courage to try again. We are only here once.


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