We've known Amy since college and her creativity shows no bounds. She is sweet, funny, thoughtful and good natured. We're so delighted to have her share with us some things about herself. With her ventures in photography, darling artwork, inside looks to her inspiration-filled journals, and her charming DIY ideas, we hope you are inspired by such creative sincerity as we are. 
Be sure to check out her blog, vitamin A.

Hi Amy, can you please tell us a little about yourself?
New York was the only home I knew until my hubby and I uprooted on a whim and drove cross-country to sunny California. 
I love my Dyson Slim, cannot live without.
Definitely a sucker for awesome packaging, especially when things come in a tin can, wooden box, glass jar.
Obsessed with teeny tiny objects, so cute!
In the process of a black ink on brown paper sketchbook series.
My heart skips a beat over anything letterpressed!
Spend most of my days looking for treasures in vintage shops and thrift stores.
Love being with people and hearing their stories.
85% chocolate, you're the best.

What does photography mean to you?
Capturing the overlooked things in life. Bringing light to the ordinary.

Do you have a favorite photographer (or artist)?
Todd Selby is awesome. He's a double whammy because he's a photographer + illustrator.
I get immersed into his world and of those he photographs. I love detail shots of objects and interiors. It adds another dimension to the personalities that live in each home.

Other artists I currently adore are Martin Wilner, Anne Combaz, Coco Amardeil, Danny Roberts, Jenn Mann, Florian Nicolle, and Linus Nystrom. My fav kind of artists are illustrators!

Where do you find inspiration?
Antique stores, design blogs, traveling + discovering quaint towns, meeting unique people and life experiences. When I stop to look around, there's always something going on somewhere!

Describe your personal style:
Thrifted + fun! Everything I could want is floating in a thrift store somewhere.

What do you like to do for fun? Can you recommend favorite hangouts in Cali (current hometown)?
Crack jokes with my hubs, listen to him play guitar, try different foods, cook, read, sketch, blog, take photos and spend quality time with the people I love, especially around a fire pit!

My fav places to hang out are at the Lost Bean (organic coffee shop), Old Town Tustin (lots of character), Orange Circle (antique shops galore), Mild + Honey (another coffee shop with outdoor garden seating area), Cheap Eats in Westminster for Vietnamese food, Misuwa (Japanese marketplace with the best food court!), my balcony (where I have the best talks with my hubs), and the backyard of my friends' Donna + Sabastian's place where they have the fire pit + where the deepest conversations about life come about. We're over at their place more than our own home! I might have to set up a cafe in their backyard, because I would love for more people to come and experience the coziness!

Can you share with us your most cherished possession?
My sketchbooks + dad's vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses from 30 years ago (they have glass lenses!). My dad passed them down to Tae, my hubs, after we got married.

What's your motto?
Laugh at least once a day.
Be thankful for the little things.
Treasure those around me.

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  1. This is awesome!! So proud of you girls...Creative juices are still flowing somewhere in this world.