We're very stoked to have Ty share with us a little bit about himself. With his good humor and charming genuineness, Ty's personality and lifestyle are reflected in his work. One can't help but want to get to know him. Hope you are just as inspired by his 'don't take life so seriously' attitude as we are. To quote him, "If it wasn't fun, we didn't do it." Enjoy~

Hey Ty, can you please tell us a little about yourself and how you got started as an artist?
My name is Ty Williams and I enjoy avoiding 9-5 jobs by making pictures with my hands.
I grew up between the US virgin islands, and New England (Maine, NH). I am an illustrator/ Artist even though im still honored and humbled when people refer to me as those.  I began drawing and creating things when I was very young (since my parents are creative themselves and promoted hands on activities more than store bought toys etc).

Where do you find inspiration?
Besides my parents, I am very inspired by clean design from the past as well as journals. I have kept journals for a good portion of my life and i enjoy seeing other people's as well. I believe there is an honest quality in them and I try to stick to that in my work as much as possible.
I also really love nautical themed things like sailing and fishing. Growing up on the ocean my whole life I couldn't escape having elements of the Sea in my work. 

You like creating things, which we enjoy very much. But what would you destroy if you could?If I could destroy something in my work it would be second guessing myself when having to make things for people, I sometimes sabotage myself when having to design or create something for someone when in actuality I have found that my favorite work has been created when i don't care or have minimal resources to use. If I could destroy things in the world it would be illnesses, and our monetary system. Basically "ego" all around could take a hike, and I would be content.

How would you describe your personal style?
I would say there's humorous qualities to my style, I enjoy smiling and try to endorse that as much as possible, however there also is some elements of sadness in some of my work as ,like everyone, I am not one dimensional person.
My style is simplistic. I try to avoid tons of complex elements in my work if I can. I suppose there is many noticeable color/image choices from where I have grown up (the Islands and New York City as well as the fact that im a surfer and skateboarder is evident)

Do you have a favorite brand?
I enjoy a couple brands, but at the same time don't love branding.
I really am liking Baron-Wells, they are ironically friends of mine however even if I didn't know them I would love their design aesthetic and products. The designer behind Baron-Wells uses minimalistic design as well as non aggressive branding.
I like smart brands.

What do you do for fun? Favorite hangouts in Brooklyn (hometown)?
I love surfing, I don't get to do it as much as I would like but nonetheless its one of my favorite activities....I dream about surfing a lot.
Music is another fun thing, living in Brooklyn off and on i have been able to catch some great shows, Actually tonight I'm going to see LOCAL NATIVES and I'm kindof jazzed to see that. My favorite places, to eat or hang out etc are the Back 40 (Florida), The Green Parrot (Key West), CherShore (Japan), Friendly Toast (New Hampshire), and Five Leaves (Brooklyn)....ok wow  those are almost all restaurants, I didnt realize i was that much of a FOODY...

Best chips & salsa you’ve ever had?
Best question ever asked.....!!!
Without a doubt it's homemade corn chips with freshly made mango avocado salsa fresca during the summer. However if store bought is needed....BLUE CORN CHIPS with TRADER JOES CHIPOTLE SALSA. 

Where do you like to travel?
I got to spend the summer in Japan (Kamakura) last year, I had the opportunity to have an art show in Tokyo and work on a retail space called BUOYS in Yokohama, I loved Japan on all levels, from the people to just day to day life.
I also really love Key West (Ernest Hemingway lived there and his life is a huge inspiration to me)....
I plan to travel more for surfing this year, I'm just trying to corral some travel partners once a couple shows are wrapped up.

Your travel music playlist must include:
KING TUBBY (old dub reggae)
Ariel Pink
Beach Fossils
LuiZ Bonfa
(bunch of dancy stuff for getting pumped to surf)
washed out
Iron and wine
Ray Lamontagne

What can’t you travel without?
A small amount of art supplies and my journal/disposable cameras, but also
Shea Butter (that stuff can come in handy as sunscreen ive found, when there is none, it's like the ductape of lotions!!!).

What ‘s your idea of earthly happiness?
I think it would be the ability to share ideas with people and create things that might make a moment here easier to swallow, and I mean that in the most modest sense. I feel musicians, artists and all creative people are the spoons of sugar for the rest of the world to chase life with.

Best thing you've ever found?
I have found a few special places to surf in my life, that I look forward to going back to however I know that I didn't really find those spots myself...on a  weirder note, I did find a first edition MOBY DICK at a thrift store recently.
I guess I could also say the best thing I ever found was pens paper and paints.

What’s your motto?
Do the best you can , but do it simply.

Now, here’s a chance to ask us a question if you’d like. Anything at all.  
When can I move in?
Our answer to your question Ty: If a hat could talk it would say, "move in anytime". 

Please be sure to check out Ty's website and his clothing line, Yacht Club.

Thanks again man~

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