Nom's Local Finds: The Bay Area... Yokohama

Today's Special:
The renowned historical bay area of Yokohama.  About half an hour away from the city of Tokyo is a city full of excitement and great Chinese food.  Yokohama has the largest Chinatown in Japan and one of the largest in the world! 

Landing of Commodore Matthew Perry, officers, and men of the squadron to meet the Imperial commissioners at Yokohama.  July 14, 1853

The main entrance gate to Chinatown 
Images via Wikipedia 

Blue Light Yokohama, sung by Ayumi Ishida is one of the most famous oldies song from 1968

NOW...Enjoy some of the snapshots from Nom's interesting Yokohama Finds!

A fancy wall of a building

The local ice cream ladies

Inside the Yokohama Archives of History museum

A moment of happiness




Only in Japan...LOL

♡ Nom

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