Ada's Local Finds: Last Thursdays on Alberta

Every last thursday during spring/summer, Alberta St. is shut down for a festivities of art,music,food, and fun. It's early in the season and the skies looked like they were going to bust open with rain. But that didn't hold us back. 

Grabbed a quick bite at The Grilled Cheese Grill. Grab a specialty grilled cheese sammich from the food cart and eat in a school bus. Ha.

The bus ceiling had a mural like something out of Where The Wild Things Are movie.

The tables were collaged with anonymous yearbook photos.

Local band street music. Dressed accordingly to their rhythm and era of bluesy folk.

Love these seashell succulent holders in a random florist shop.

A truck boat or boat truck. So Portland. Would make for a fun party 'cruise'.

Tall bikes. Even more Portland. Huge bike culture here makes for interesting custom bikes.

Lol. Should have taken advantage of this. Who doesn't need free advice? The guy standing to the left was offering 'free bad advice'. Ha. 


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